Favorite Slouchy Hat So Far

I have the same problem with all slouchy hats: they either fall off if I run in them or fall down,  Dumb Donald style, over my face.  I love Fat Albert’s gang, but it’s not the most practical look for me.   I vowed to remedy it with this hat pattern by Irina Bil.  It’s my new favorite for Friday night football in our school’s colors.  It’s a basic shape made interesting with lots of texture and it looks good inside-out too.

My mods: Using size 4 needles and working in the round, I cast on 88 stitches in Queensland Merino Spray for it to fit my freakishly small head.  I followed the instructions otherwise, except for the top, where I used Katy’s notes to keep the stitch pattern going all the way through the decreases.

You can see the texture goes all the way to the top, below.  The ribbed brim is long enough to be folded over for a watchman style cap, too.  
 (more on my Ravelry and my Flickr)

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