Image of the Zara windowpane tee in progress.

Episode 11: Moving More

Recorded this before graduation madness. I may be a bit scattered, but I missed you guys.

I didn’t hear about it until after filming this, but Cassondra Razzaldi, RizzaKnits, is holding a MKAL called Walk the Block MKAL that encourages us to move while knitting!  Meant to be!

Questions: How are you getting out, and moving more? While getting outside or moving what new thoughts have come to you this week?

How are you managing plastic waste when shopping? When buying bulk ingredients for skincare, food, etc?
Stuff I mention in Episode 11:

Tops, Tanks, and Tees Knit-along:

Zara by Dianna Walla:

knit in Lindy Chain by Knit Picks:

Mae by Andrea Mowry:

knit in recycled fiber- Berroco Remix Light:

using helix striping method when alternating same colorway skeins:

Try it on Tubing:

Educated: A Memoir:

And an interview with the author (I haven’t had a chance to listen yet):

The Android’s Dream:

Our TTTKAL Compiled Book List, thanks to a lovely KAL member:

PBS Great American Reads List:

Some of your podcasts I mentioned: 

The Yarn Junkie Podcast:

Katinka of Aknitak Creations Podcast:

Lindsey of The Wooden Nest Podcast:

Ruth of Everyday Yarnworks Podcast:

Zero Waste article:

La Leche League Whole Foods for the Whole Family:

and my favorite LLL book:

More movement stuff:

Katy Bowman Nutritious Movement blog:

Her Podcast Move Your DNA:

Move Your DNA book by Katy Bowman:

Katy’s interview with Ben Pobjoy:

I’ll be knitting a Junko pattern this summer under this hashtag: #JunkoJuneandJuly

Junko Okamoto:

and Rug pattern is free:

I’m knitting Plum pattern:

in Moeke’s Elena yarn:

Moeke’s IndieGogo Campaign:

Bed of Roses Knitting Bags and Notions:

RizzaKnits Walk the Block MKAL:

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