Image of the wonkiest crochet blanket in existence.

Episode 66: Wonkiest Blanket Ever

Today I talk about my sad little fix on the wonkiest blanket ever and we finish up the Stashbusting the New Year make-along with a couple of giveaways. We talk about some buying perspectives, share podcast links, and LOTS of one skein projects for using up stash.

Episode 66 is finishing up #Stashbustingthenewyear my wonky blanket, one skein wonder projects!

The Blog:



#StashBustingTheNewYear Ravelry thread:


Question: You ask me a question because I’m all tapped out, lol.

Our Stashbusting Bundle:

Prizes were patterns by:

Virginia Sattler-Reimer:

Aílbíona McLochlainn:

My Old One Skein Wonder Projects:

Sockhead Slouch Hat- Kelly McClure:

High Cliff Hat – Melissa Schaschwary:

Durand Cowl – Good Night Day:

Siska Toque – Good Night Day:

Seafarer’s Cap – Two of Wands:

We Were Seeds – Rizza Knits:

Laura and Maddy- Teresa Gregorio:–maddy

EarlyRising – Annie Rowden:

Dresden Beret – Good Night Day

York Bobble Toque- Good Night Day

Quadri – Michele Wang:

Simcoe Headband – Good Night Day

Industry – Libby Jonson:

Rattan – Libby Jonson:

Omemee Toque -Good Night Day:

Autumn Hat – Jane Richmond:

Renfrew – Jane Richmond:

Petawawa – Good Night Day

Rathtrevor Mitts – Jane Richmond:

Dreiecke – Shannon Cook:

Elora Slouch – Good Night Day

Lace Photo Mats – Veronik Avery:

Skyping Beanie -Haldora J.:

Headline News Newsboy Cap- Shannita Williams:

Naked Star Hat – Irina Bill:

Saguaro Blossom – Anne Podlesak:

Oak Crest – Vanessa Townley:

Your One Skein Wonder Projects: 

Be Simple Variations – Carolyn Glauz-Todrank:

Moutin Noir- Espace Tricot:

to knit in Julie Asselin Boucle:

Virevolte – Espace Tricot:

Resilience Cowl – Rachel Illsley:

Garter Squish – Stephen West:

One Skein House Slipper Patterns:

Magic Rectangle Slippers- Jess Coppom:

Pixie Prancers – Drops:

Simply Irresistible Socks Worsted- Christie Archer:

Cozy Stripes – Ashley Ratnam:

Your projects discussed:

Spicier Life Blanket- Sandra Paul:

Battenberg Blanket:

Crochet Star Quilt:

Painting Bricks Socks Stephen West:

Excavation Blanket- Jane Pihota:

Rainbow Desk Set  Just B Crafty:

Trio Knit Cowl – Mary Beth Temple:

Espace Tricot’s Ravelry for free patterns:

My current projects:

Rainbow Baby Blanket – Burgundy and Blush:

in Color Theory – Ivory, Stonewash, Caper, Bee Pollen, Canyon:

Benginner’s Delight – KAZ:

in Manadala Bonus Cake:

Fernwood Cardigan – Jane Richmond:

in Thich and Quick Raisen:

Coast to Coast Wrap – Two of Wands:

Your podcast recs:

Debbie  Soft White Underbelly:

And Luke Thill’s tiny house build:

Anna – My Great Challenge:

Rachel – Simple Living Alaska:

Karen – Diary of a CEO:

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