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The tree is up, school is out, and I have enough time to play with twigs and glue.

 This is one of my favorite kids’ Christmas crafts 
(as long as the kids are past the ages of poking their eyeballs with toothpicks.)  
It’s easy and makes a very pretty, natural adornment for a Christmas tree or garland.  If I went so far as to have groupings of garland and conifer cones all over my house, these would be inside them.

 All you need is the dregs of a school glue bottle, sweet gum balls (scan the park), toothpicks, newspaper, spray paint, and a sweatshop of eager, little elves.   My elves aren’t so little (or eager) these days, so I made them with our first grade Sunday School class.  

 Dab one end of each toothpick in glue, insert in the ball, then let them dry.  I like to leave the stem on the ball to hold it by when glueing/ spraying.

Next up: spray paint, turn, and spray paint the rest.  
See, this is a very uncomplicated, therapeutic craft for the holiday- fried brain.  The fumes might even relax you further.   

(Ttv52- week 50)  

Once dry, they’re ready to go.  Next year, I want mostly these on my tree in blues, greens, and silver.

  Best of all, when Christmas is over,  you don’t have to box them up in the attic- they biodegrade.  
Plus my boy elf isn’t too old to enjoy crushing things… so, there you go. 

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