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It’s About Time

This film is probably 4 years old.  It’s 120, which I guess is why I had it taped up and sealed in a pouch inside of a grocery bag I’d tied up and then dropped into another bag.  I’m a little paranoid using film that doesn’t come with light-tight containers because I never had before.    But, not paranoid enough to actually take it to be developed within a few years of shooting it.

(serious vignetting, on my Flickr)

I was really surprised to see that any of these photos came out.  I’ve shot a total of 5 blind rolls with my Diana, never developing any along the way to know if I was even doing it right.  I remember timing my work and meals one day while on a mission in Peru so that I could take a shot of a certain street all aflame with light at sunset.  I was so pleased on the walk back to the house we were staying at, until I looked down and realized I’d had the lens cap on the whole time.  That roll is being developed as I type this so maybe I’ll get the prints and find that I went back and tried the shot again.  I just don’t remember.

(These were all taken in Ayaviri, Peru)

I suppose my procrastination is due to our local camera shop and darkroom closing around the time I received my Diana as a Christmas present.  So right at the beginning I sort of lost momentum.  But the days of languishing, expiring film are over.  I’ve almost finished developing the stack of disposable cameras from years gone by, I have 3 more rolls shot with my Diana at the developer’s, and I just got my Epson V500 scanner in the mail.  I’m suppressing girlish squeals, here.

(Why do these just feel more “real” than my digital shots?)

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  1. oh my goodness!!! these are fabulous. I have a roll that has been sitting in my Holga for about a year, one shot left on it. I also have a bunch of film in the refrigerator that I have yet to shot, including a roll of film from 1974 that I bought at a junk shop…I'm really curious to see if it will work, but of course there is never anything "worthy" of using it to try it out.

  2. You've gotta do it, Candace! It's so weird that so many people love and revere film, yet we never get around to developing it. I'm going to try to follow through more with my film cameras this year (fingers crossed.) Oh, and thanks.

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