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Sothern, So Far and the Big Bang

In answer to my query about whether I have an unusually small head or everyone else knits more tightly than me, yes!  I do and they do.  Everyone.  Sothern has been proof of that.  I let my knitting tension relax again as I worked and got to the armholes before realizing this was not going to be a 36″.  So I started over, this time knitting a bit tighter on size 2 needles instead if 3s.

I was okay with starting over because I kind of expect for that to happen and the stitch pattern is interesting to work up.  What I don’t like is ripping back fair isle.  It’s the kind of thing I would pay a kid to do, if I thought they’d do it right.  This is why I would stink as a test knitter- my tension is all over the place.

But once it was undone and I began a second time, everything was all zen again.  See the peace and harmony I have brought to my home, below.

I think Ill finish the back and front today, which is great because I have another KAL starting tomorrow that will further divide my attention.  It’s the Big Bang Theory KAL and you know you want to join in.  It will be full of themed projects (don’t worry, you don’t have to make a Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock themed sweater unless you want to) and fun trivia.  The vibe in the luvinthemommyhood forum is extremely welcoming and easy- going.  Even the prizes for this one are extra unusual:  Amy and Sheldon knitting needles?!? by Lemonade Shop, BBT and Justice League themed buttons by Fastenation, and a Big Bang trivia game.  These prizes are fun and unique, but the real fun is chatting while working on a common goal, and we’ll be doing that through December.  Some knitters plan to knit accessories for this KAL so they’ll have time to work on Christmas gifts too.

I’m finding a lot of my queue could count for this KAL.  Besides knitting Hetty (as a Bernadette cardigan), there’s Sexy Vesty (Penny), Julep Jacket (Bernadette), and El Matador (sort of like Sheldon and his poncho.  Not really, but I have yarn for that it and planned to do it this winter anyway.)  Come join us!

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  1. That is going to be a bang-up sweater, a really beauty. Not that it matters with all the peace and love it's spreading!

  2. Right! But I'm excited to finish the front today. I've never knit anything with sleeves and shoulders like this before. Thanks!

  3. sounds like you will be having a blast. i have to admit…i am not into comedies. i have only seen that show twice.

  4. Sothern looks great! I won't be doing the BBT KAL, but I'll definitely be popping in to see what everyone is making. 🙂

  5. Over the years I haven't enjoyed that much comedy other than Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Arrested Development. But I do like this show. I laugh out loud often, which is a rarity for me during a tv show.

  6. Thanks! You did just accomplish quite a bit in the SSKAL, Vanessa. I've got yarn overflow and need every motivation to get caught up on my planned projects. Luckily 2 of them qualify for this KAL.

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