Elora Slouchy Toque

Someone was in a good mood because they had no homework, so he indugled me by taking a few quick photos of me in my new hat.

This hat is already brightening my fall.  It’s the Elora Toque from Tara-Lynn Morrison’s Good Night, Day Book 1.

I used my homemade size 13 double point needles to knit this with two strands of Wool of the Andes Bulky in cadet that I had leftover from Agnes.  The contrasting dots were four strands of Wool of the Andes worsted in snickerdoodle.  Basically, there was yarn hanging all over the place as I worked.

My only modifications were to reduce the cast on by 10 stitches.  I don’t get how other people’s hats stay on their heads at that stitch count.  I must have an abnormal skull or everybody knits way more tightly than me.  I added dots every other row.  My other post on this hat is here.

I like two color pompoms so much.  Since it looks as though I’ll be making more, (I have a few hat requests) I cut a notch in my plastic pompom maker so I could wrap the yarn more easily.

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  1. autumngeisha

    It's a great hat! Looks like a quick knit, too. I like the contrasting dots of color and the pompoms.

  2. Vanessa

    This is adorable! I love the two-colored pom-pom. I've never seen one with a stripe like that.

  3. MichelleCarter

    Thank you, Tien! It was incredibly quick. I love working with super bulk yarn.

  4. MichelleCarter

    Ha, that was an accident but I like it too, Vanessa!

  5. Elena Knits

    I love that blue tone and the tiny dots. Blue is my favorite color and I can never get enough of it 🙂

  6. britt

    looks super comfy.

  7. MichelleCarter

    Me too, Elena. That was a happy stash accident.

  8. MichelleCarter

    It is, although it wasn't cold when I took this photo and mosquitos were all over me 🙂

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