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We went to the zoo one day on our trip because it was too yucky outside to ride trails.  I brought the lensbaby because I thought all the color and blur would look good.  I like seeing and reading about all of the animals, but I always feel sad.  I hear “Born Free” in my head.

How do I make a zoo trip sad?  My husband once told me that strangers can talk to me for a few minutes and next thing you know, they’re crying and talking about their heartaches.

It’s a gift.

All of that color, and I still left melancholy.  Click this link and tell me this snippet of the song doesn’t make you think of Elsa and want to cry.  
Huh?  See?
Okay I’m signing off now to make a fool of myself as I watch Christian the lion.

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  1. Thank you all!

    April: I think that was my favorite too.

    Alison: I think the lensbaby worked best on the birds. I was so glad I brought it.

    Candace and Renee: It cracked me up how fast this post got comments. Apparently the whole zoo issue touches a nerve.

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