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My So-Called Handmade Life Ravelry Group- Blogmas Day 21

You know how “I’m just here for the knitting.” has basically become a meme? Well, I’m not just here for the knitting, though I’m quite obsessed with it. I’m also here for the talk and inspiration.

Together, you and I, have decided a Ravelry group would really compliment that. So… ta da!!!

(join the group on Ravelry)

I stayed up til 1 am, sitting askew at the desk due to Christmas box stacks, learning how to add text in photoshop for a Ravelry badge and banner. Geez Louise, the crick in my neck is a testament to my love for you guys. No, I won’t be opening my web design business anytime soon😐

So, guys! We finally have a place to do knit-alongs and share inspirations and obsessions. I’ll do my best to be present there, as making connections online is the whole point of the group. But I’m also about to make some big, blog tech changes, which usually involves weeks of staring at the computer screen with tears in my eyes. Please be patient with me. Why, Blogger!?! Why!?! 

It’s a big step to make a Ravelry group. I realize most of the people I know in real life don’t even know what a Ravelry is, but you guys do. It’s my favorite thing about the internet. Period. So I’ll do my best to keep up with things and respond. Other than all that blog code business, I should have plenty of time, but lots of podcast viewers have assured me you’re also very capable of talking amongst yourselves. So things should be fine.

Introduce yourselves in the My So-Called Handmade Life Group to each other and/or start posting prospective projects for the #WingItKAL (more details on that coming, but lots of info is here.)

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