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Unnaturally Long Scarves

I took a break from projects that need a little concentration to make an Uptown Scarf from one of my first knitting books with this inexpensive yarn the other day.

It is the easiest, fastest project I’ve ever done. Made some for Christmas but never for myself, so I popped in the last disc of Freaks and Geeks and went to town with the giant size 35 needles. Maybe it’s the yarn or that it’s only 5 stitches across, but it stretches out to be even longer when I wear it.

I really wanted to do another 7 stitches across and not so long so, a week later, a friend jokes that she’d like me to materialize a purple scarf for her to wear to high school playoffs. She was so not expecting me to really do it overnight. I told her it’s almost all acrylic, nothing you’d wear to the opera, but I had it on hand and I think she enjoyed the surprise.

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