Image of my Kapsel test knit swatches next to a cup of tea.

My Only Christmas Knitting- Blogmas Day 20

My Christmas gift to myself this year was to not knit any gifts. I will probably make a few once the holiday is over, but no stressing and knitting all-nighters for me this year.

I did see a testing call from Shannon Cook for her new cardigan pattern, and had no choice. I keep imaging myself wearing it over an old fashioned shift as I step out of the cabin to check on the horses.

(more on Ravelry, Instagram, and Flickr)

So I’m well past the swatching phase on this, but still no where near acquiring that cabin or those horses. Maybe for Christmas….

I’m using Patons Classic in Natural Mix. I can’t believe I got gauge on all the stitch patterns with just on needle. Even more amazing, is the fact that I’m several inches in and still on gauge. Miracles do happen, just not the cabin and horse variety.

Have you seen the images Shannon has teased on her instagram? Sigh. It’s as nice to work up as it is to look at.

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