Blog Rage- Blogmas Day 19

It’s a thing. And I’m feeling it. If you’ve been frustrated recently because my blog won’t let you comment, you aren’t alone. Myself and everyone else, other than the chosen few who seem to get through, feel the same way. Sorry about that.

2018 has been the year of tech frustration. With every new thing I tried, there was a cascade of cause and effect that led to many hours of me on the phone with Apple Support or GoDaddy, or just staring at the computer screen in a stupor.

I’m looking into switching blog platforms soon, so be patient. You can always comment on Instagram, Ravelry, or Youtube if you’d like. If you’re feeling extra generous, pray that I don’t lose family photos, comments, or blog copy when I make the switch.

If you’ve made the switch from one blog platform to another, please give me any tips or advice. That is, if you are allowed to leave a comment. Good grief.

By the way, have you ever heard of Springer Rage? It’s weird.

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