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Settler Shawl

So this is how that beautiful woven-like border looks after blocking.  It’s Libby Jonson’s Settler Shawl pattern.  I think this border was one of the neatest things I’ve ever knit.

I don’t have too much else to say about the knitting because it was just straight forward pattern-following with size 3 needles.  I knit the border a bit loose because I was worried about it being too tight, but that was unnecessary.  I may even play with blocking the garter section a bit wider.

This shawl could work with any fingering yarn, I think.  I might make another some day in a slightly “plumper” single merino, but this was the color I wanted for my first Settler.  I think Libby’s sample influenced my decision.

The effect of that border is so stunning.  It looks way more intricate than it is.  I do think it’s my new favorite technique.  And with a slightly varied color shade… so perfect.

I also enjoyed knitting this with the Truly Myrtle KAL.  If you’re not watching the Truly Myrtle podcast, you should be.  Libby is very inspiring and conversational.

Thankfully, my daughter helped me out by wearing my shawl for these photos.  I did not feel like looking decent right then and it’s so much quicker when I’m behind the lens.  These took maybe a minute and a half.

Can you tell she’s helping me hide the two ends I have yet to weave in?  Yikes.

This Quaere Fibre merino silk/blend is so lovely.  I am a new fan.  Janel has so many colorways and seems to have mastered hand dyed tweeds.  That is something I don’t often see when I look for indie yarns.  I think her tweed sock yarns would make a fabulous Featherweight, like Molly’s, or a shawl, like Libby’s next shawl that I’ve seen bits of on Instagram.

My next knit from Libby might be a test knit, or else her Reminisce Hat.  I have a beautiful skein of teal Copper Corgi that needs to be exactly that wooly hat.

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