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Floozy Progress – Blogmas Day 14

I’m still working away at my beautiful Floozy cardigan, by Libby Jonson. It has been interrupted by a couple of test knits- you know how I am about those. But it is to the point of being a great tv/ conversation knit.

First let me say that the names of each colorwork section on this pattern crack me up: Honey Baby and Butterfly Kisses, lol. I love the idea of a colorwork yoke that doesn’t require stranded knitting. And if you’ve seen any of the FOs, you know it’s gorgeous!

My only issue is that my hands and wrists rebel a little when knitting luxury yarn like this. It is a soft, beautiful merino/silk/cashnere blend from YarnFloozy. I have had a knee jerk reaction to a yarn kit listing before. Actually, I think it was the first kit I have ever bought. But I was powerless when I saw the tonal colors and how well they worked together.

Catrien combined a golden, mustardy yellow (Foliage) that I don’t have much of in my wardrobe,  with an unexpected light pink (Chewy Caramel) and berry red (Wildberry). I would never think of those three colors together but I love it. You have to check out her instagram.

For a long time, when it came to color combinations, I’d choose a light and dark version of one color, then throw a grey into the palette, Poof!, color decisions solved. That does work, but I have been veering away from neutrals over the years, as Indie dyers became more of a thing. My Sunset Highway is proof of that. Nothing pleases me more than to go from a really good, vibrant color in a knit to a basic neutral again, on the next project.

Anyway, my point is that I fell in love with these colors and the sheen and softness of this yarn, however, my hands seem to struggle with the slipperiness of the fiber. I am a seriously relaxed knitter, so it’s taking a little more effort to make these stitches because they want to slide off the needle prematurely, making a long, wonky shape. It’s not the end of the world, just something I’ve never worked with before. I just imagine the fineness of this yarn in my completed cardigan and it keeps me going.

In the meantime, I’m varying the kinds of projects I work on. I knit a bit on Floozy, then go to a very rough worsted to give my hands a break, and since I separated the sleeves from the body, the rows have been moving faster. This was the project I brought on our little family getaway to knit by the fire.

If you’re considering casting this on, I strongly encourage you to take a look at the Floozy KAL thread in Libby’s Ravelry group. It’s a friendly, and VERY informative place. Lots of us are gaining confidence in our knitting over there.

(more on Ravelry, Instagram, Flickr, and Episodes 16- 22 so far)

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