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More Green Stuff

I finally used the last, little, microscopic shred of my castile soap on my face a couple of nights ago, and knew it was time to make more. Procrastination, again. This time I made one loaf of regular pure castile and one with French green clay added.

These top two are the plain castile with a tiny swirl of unused clay castile blended in. An interesting, albeit expensive way to add pigment.

Above is the green clay castile. It’s made the same as usual, only the powdered clay is added at trace and blended in with my hand blender to disperse it evenly. (You can see a little clump of unblended clay in it here.) This is as close to Savon De Marseialle as it gets, and is much more affordable.

It’s reputed to have lots of acne fighting qualities, like, drawing out impurities and tightening pores (hopefully.) And since summer is coming with all of it’s sweaty, sunscreen overload, I thought it would be handy.

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