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Once I Was Green

365 day 61 photo (Otherwise known as the Twinkle Hoodie from this book)

The color theory on green: It is a symbol of nature- growing, renewing, fresh, alive, promoting harmony. In this way it can either indicate a lack of experience, as in new growth; or permanence and stability, as in the Earth itself beneath us. It’s supposed to soothe the mind of the viewer and improve vision. It has healing powers, no less! All this in one monstrously green sweater.
I’m practically saving the planet by wearing it!
Knowing it’s finished after it sat in a sack on the floor of my closet for a couple of years is having a sort of healing affect on me, for sure. And there may be enough room for my husband’s shoes down there now- what a peace maker.

The hold up on this sweater was the buttons. I refused to pay $5 per button. The yarn cost enough, so I was not about to drop $30 for buttons! I found this place online with great wooden buttons under $2 each. So, I saved a whole $17 by waiting until it’s almost out of style to finish it… hmm. Maybe I’m just a chronic procrastinator. Can the hoodie heal me of this?

It isn’t quite the shrunken fit it was supposed to be, but honestly I hate pulling sweaters down when they inch up above the waist of my pants, so it’s probably for the best. I knitted the small size, but I could’ve knit tighter.

Theory aside, I really like it. It’s my favoritest color, it’s crazy bright, and maybe it’s working it’s green hoodoo on me because it does make me happy.

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