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Here’s Random for You

What is this doing in my photostream?  
We were given free tickets to see my very first Monster Truck Jam.  Why have I never done this before?  
Oh, yeah, I remember- I hate loud noises (unless its a really good song) and I’m not much into trucks.  But this is Texas and these were “good” seats with pit passes, so there we sat on the front row with our little blue earplugs firmly wedged in our ears, next to guys who spent most of the show in the beer line and the girl who danced and screamed for a free t-shirt.  
We actually laughed a lot.  I realized how old I was when I felt cross at the loudness and the toddlers who were there without earplugs.  I realized how mature my daughter had become as she cringed with me over the boy doing dirt bike stunts.  I think she even realized it when I told her I went to high school with Dancing Girl.  
But it was fun.  As one truck after another broke down, I couldn’t help but think of my dad and his coffee buddies riding their lawn mowers around the track instead.  Guess I’m not that grown up.    
 (52 weeks of ttv, week 7)
 (day 50)

And my daughter caught the t-shirt.

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