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The Not- So-Great- Pumpkin

I tried pumpkin pie soap once already and it got to trace before I could get pretty little swirls of spice in it. So this is my second attempt. I re-use HEB sacks for my liner. I have to shave the ends, but its free.

When I poured it into the mold I knew it was too thick and lumpy. But I went ahead and insulated so it could harden overnight. Good night little soap.

Bluchk! I guess I could re-batch it. I’ve never done that. This is the fanciest thing I’ve tried so far.

This is a pic of the first batch. It is usable. Though not marbled, it is thoroughly mixed with a not- ugly look about it. Plus it smells so much like pumpkin pie that I get hungry every time I walk past the curing bars. At least we’ll eat it. I just said “eat it” didn’t I?

Huh… novelty soaps…I swear.

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