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Such a Handy Man

Since I have soap on the brain (and all over the kitchen table and top of the refridgerator) I thought I’d post a thank you to Adam, my handyman, for making me these soap molds.
“Thank You.”
Not that he’ll ever read it. I think the whole craft community blogging thing weirds him out. I told him it’s like jotting down quick notes about stuff I see, do, or make, or want to see, do, or make, and how to see, do, or make it. Why wouldn’t that interest him?

They have nifty little latches for opening the end to push the loaf out and cut, using the edge of the box as a guide for nice straight bars. Of course I don’t do this. I just turn it over, dump it, and “eye” it. I’m a free- wheelin’, wild kind of stay-at-home soap maker.

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