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Roid Week 2018, part 1 – Blogmas Day 17

Back in September, I had an avoidance day.  You know, the type where you don’t want to face people or responsibilities. One where you don’t think about your troubles and instead hyper-focus on some trivial or materialistic thing. Healthy, no?

So my focus became maintenance and film gathering for my vintage cameras. I pulled out my old cameras for cleaning and ordering new parts, etc. (I talk about them and show some images on Podcast episode 18. You can find lots of them in various Flickr albums, too.) Among all the little bits and bobs I ordered was film for some Polaroid 600s and my SX-70. I had never actually used the 600s before so I was excited to hear that The Impossible Project, now Polaroid Originals, was putting out a more consistent, if pricey, film.

When Roid Week came, in October, I tried using my new (to me) 600s. All of these were taken with them. Eh, not so great. The blur is totally my fault for moving or being too close to the subject. But I gotta keep it real and showing you the worst ones I took for Roid Week 2018.

It was a consistent film. The inconsistency was with me. I’m used to the SX-70 and how close I can get to a subject. But really, I’m not even used to that because its been a few years since I held a polaroid. There was no way I could take a selfie for a photo challenge (Strange Brew Creative Photo Challenge) without blur. That’s okay I didn’t particularly want a selfie anyway.

And I guess I forgot dogs are the worst subjects in the world. My dogs that lie around 22 out of 24 hours a day, suddenly have to run and dance and feel alive like the Solid Gold dancers when the camera is on them.

(more on my Flickr, and Instagram)

I’m looking a little underwhelmed with the polaroid 600 here, but flops I still like these images. They make me think of my first attempts at photos with my Kodak Disc camera. Remember those? 

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