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A Long Walk

I had intended to write something about God changing His mind for this post.  Pretty hefty topic and I don’t think I’m up to the task, so I’ll just say that I believe He does.  And I’m glad He does.  Tomorrow I need a long, long walk.  I need to talk to Him and ask Him to change the course of some things.  I need woods and to feel my heart beat extra hard.   I will explain that His mercy is what the world will know Him by, just like He says.  Then I will ask it for myself and people I love.
(365 day 13)

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  1. Michelle, this is beautiful. Some days I feel like giving up…today has been one of those days. Even as I sat in church and participated in the liturgy I felt all alone. I need to reconnect–somehow. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

  2. You're welcome. I needed it too. I get hardened by things happening around me so easily that every few weeks (or days.. or hours) I have to pour my heart out and get some perspective. I told my husband yesterday, "Today I was very human." I am.

  3. i hope you had a good and productive time. I've been in desperate need to do this as I've allowed life to suck my spirit dry… I once felt so close to Him, and now I feel so distant. My own fault, but a challenge to change it, nonetheless. I hope things work out for you whatever your troubles.

  4. The thing is, Mon, it's no big crisis or tragedy, just the dryness you spoke of. Once in a while I realize I'm accepting a lot of things I could bring before Him and maybe He'll change them or at least give me that perspective about it. I'm ok, just needed to tank up 🙂

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