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Post Christmas Hibernation

So, lots of people are taking down their Christmas decor- my cat seems to be doing that for me, slowly but surely.

Others are indulging in using every function of their sparkly new electronics- mine sit in the box waiting until it “feels right” to take them out and try them.   Perhaps using them will be my reward for straightening up my house.

  (365 days 351-353)

I’m really not ocd about it, things are just not organized enough for me to feel safe pulling out my new pretties for a new project.  In other words I haven’t been following everyone through the house barking orders to clean up their breadcrumb trails.  It is Christmas.  Instead, I’ve totally let things go, knit a lot on my daughter’s cardigan, watched many episodes of Monk, and as I write this, I realize I’m only wearing one sock.
Everyone needs a rumpled week.  And that’s what this is.  It’s my week to be comfortable, rumpled, and procrastinate big time.  I am shrugging off the call of the kombucha that needs to be brewed, the floor that needs to be swept, the mounds of laundry, and the dinner that needs to have it’s ingredients shopped for.  My children are ipod zombies and rousing them to watch a different screen with me is my nod to providing a varied, enriching environment.

Ah, there’s nothing like the after-Christmas hibernation period.  A time to just wallow around in warm clothes, eat leftovers and chocolate, and watch dorky tv marathons.  I’m accepting it- no, embracing it!   I think I fell asleep twice during the day yesterday (this may actually be a sinus infection.)  But why not?  I scrambled around making and shopping for everyone in our combined families the last few weeks.  I made and sent a zillion cards, hosted company, went to lots of functions (that term cracks me up especially when they come in rapid fire succession.)  So, I’m a bum today.

I did try the Diana + lens adapter.  What a bummer that I didn’t search reviews on it before I bought.  With a Rebel xsi I can get the same blurry vignette-less effect by skipping while taking a photo – no purchase required.  I could probably use the “happy-feel -good” effect, but I think I’ll wait til the triptopan has worn off.

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  1. Funny post. Glad you are trying to enjoy being a bum today. The Diana lens adaptor news is disappointing since I had considered it. I made a similar purchase recently, impulsively buying a fish-eye lens for my iphone that DID NOT work as promised. Oh, the image was curved all right, but off center. I gave it to another photographer friend last night in the hopes that he might be able to fix whatever ails it. Hears to hoping we get our homes back in order soon so that we may enjoy our spoils.

  2. Thank you, Louisiana Belle and Justine. I guess I needed four days of nothing to recuperate.
    Justine, the adapter would make it possible for me to use the lens off of my Diana+ on my canon dslr. It worked fine, but my camera's sensors are too small to get any of the cool Diana effect. It was only a few bucks, so no harm done. I'm just going to have to order 120 film, then send it to a lab via mail if I want Diana photos.

    Louisiana Belle, if your camera's like mine, you probably will not enjoy the adapter, but I have yet to make a card with a pinhole to try modifying it for a vignette. I'll post the results if it works.

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