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(365 Day 258)
My son ate sleepily at the breakfast table telling us his dream the other day with 20 second pauses between phrases:
“I had this dream… last night…I went to school… and we were going on a field trip… to Hollywood… but I forgot my shoes… so I had to wear my socks… and it was Halloween so… everyone wore costumes… and one kid… went as mayonnaise… and…” You get the picture.
Today as we were driving, my son stared straight ahead and quietly informed me that he hates Alvin and the Chipmunks. ?.

The first graders in our Sunday school class were going to receive Bibles in front of the church last Sunday. Before he went up to accept his from the preacher, one little boy flipped his eyelids inside out.
Wish I’d thought of that.

I get sick joy from messing with my husband I love.  Sometimes when he talks in his sleep I draw out the conversation I couldn’t get from him that day.
It starts with him waking me up mumbling jibberish, like:

“Subwa shabizzuh…”

     me: “Really?”

“…Yeah, that was it…” more jibberish.

     “Why did you do that?”

“I … I…don’t know… He had the key…(snort)”

     “Why didn’t you have the key?”

“I don’t… don’t know…(mutter, drool)”

    “You would think they’d at least let you have the key.”

“Yeah, I don’t know…think …say…” furrowed brow.

     “Wasn’t that funny?”

“Heh, heh,  yeah, heh…” he’s laughing in his sleep now.

    “Let’s talk about our relationship.”

Wide awake with a start.

Oh, he loves it.

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  1. as a sleep talker I love this!
    The best one was when I just blurted out "Pony Boy and Soda Pop" one night, it has become something my husband likes to randomly say to me

  2. That's hilarious! I think my son is following in my husband's footsteps. We hear all sorts of conversations coming from his room at night. The funniest are when he's mad at someone in his dreams.

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