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I Need Isaiah

It isn’t often that you hear someone say, “I need Isaiah!”  As in the prophet, the book in the Old Testament.  As in “Woe to you…”

(365 Day 257)

Today I heard several people say it and I was one of them.  The new bsf study of Isaiah was cram packed this morning.   I was a little surprised so many turned up for Isaiah.

I guess I’m not the only one needing a good jolt of self reflection and truth.

I didn’t have to wait long because chapter one gets right to the point with God listing all the detestable, horrible things the people had done to make themselves putrifying (yes, He says putrifying) in His sight.

Know what they were?

All the right things.

 They were doing everything they were supposed to do, except they were doing it with cold, proud, self reliant hearts.  And since they did “all the right things”, they could get by with certain acceptable sins.  You know, the ones everyone in your circle does and excuses in each other.  Things like pride, gossip, broken promises, laziness, prejudice, greed, etc.   It was their contentment with the situation that kept them from turning to God for healing, and what made Isaiah the voice of doom.

So, I was to come home and ask my circle of friends what they think our acceptable sins are.

I really need Isaiah.

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  1. I'm not religious, though spiritually open, and sometimes I feel affronted by people's use of and reference to Bible verses. This is not one of those times. Fascinating post. Written softly and thoughtfully. Thank you so much for sharing. Makes me want to learn more about this Isaiah guy. 😉

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