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I had lots of notes about this knit but I’ve discovered ipad notes are not permanent and suddenly the only ones I have left on mine are a grocery list from a year ago, an expired Jimmy Beans coupon code, and information on alzheimer.  So, I’ll just say this is the fanciest thing I’ve ever made and leave it at that.  
(Nachtfalter on Watchman Trail, Zion Natnl. Park)
I finished my Nachtfalter while on vacation, hence this very natural photo of my sunburned, sweaty self in a very delicate, lace top.  I had the lace pattern down before leaving, so it was excellent road trip knitting.  

The pattern is by Stefanie Pollmeier.  I used size 0s and Knit Picks Comfy Sport on the baby cable ribbing and size 2s with Cotlin for the honeybee lace to get gauge.  I knit the 32″ though I’m more of a 34″, but it has plenty of ease.

(Just after I chickened out on the Hidden Canyon trail.  I wasn’t up to holding onto chains on the side of a cliff that day.  Actually, I think it’s watching my children cling to chains and walk along the edge of a cliff that gets me.)

I really, really like the weight of Cotlin against my skin.  Though after the “action” shots, above, I immediately stripped it off and put it in the backpack.   Hiking in 100+ heat and knits, even the lightest of summer knits, don’t really mix.

The color combo of Pomegranate and Surf was just the variety and contrast my wardrobe needs.

I think I’ll wear it to go out with my husband tonight.  We’re seeing a scary movie, nothing fancy, but it will be nice to look nicer again after two weeks of being earthy.

I dreaded the finishing on this, but that was silly.  It was really easy.  I used the recommended three needle bind off on the shoulders and a single crochet on the side seams.  It really wasn’t that hard, though I am a spaz with a crochet hook.  It felt all wrong in my hands, like writing left handed.

I also had the whole thing finished before we even reached the campground.  I was able to get service for my phone one day before the knitalong ended to send in my FO shot.  Knitting with a group is its own reward, but it was pretty cool to win a year’s subscription to Holla Knits in the process, too.

Thank you Katie and the rest of the knitalong gang for all the pointers and encouragement!  Your finished sweaters are all amazing and the variety in colorways was incredible.

For the whole knitalong process there’s swatching, week1, week 2, week 3, week 4, and week 5.
Links, links, and more links!  Check it out on my Ravelry, Kollabora, and Flickr.

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  1. That's beautiful! I love the combination of colors and the lace. I understand that knitted garments and how weather don't go together, especially while hiking. I definitely need more knits for summer though, and your photos make me want to knit a Nachtfalter.

  2. Oh, this is so lovely. I love those colours together.

    As for the notes, maybe try Evernote? I use it on my phone and its an app that you can add to your web browser(s) for super-useful cross-bookmarking and whatnot, but that also stores your notes on the Internet. Having changed phones numerous times and lost many notes/lists/etc., this is like magic.

  3. Oh, Elena, you'd have this lace pattern memorized quickly and it's fun to keep up with. Knitting more for warm weather has been a goal of mine lately. So far, I've made 7 or 8 lighter weight knits and they do get more wear.

  4. I will definitely try Evernote! I didn't lose anything too precious. Thankfully I had notes for a yearly Bible Study group on Werdsmith. I don't know why I kept them there separately, but now I'm very thankful!

  5. It's all good. I guess it was the best way to learn this lesson. I see from several forums that it is a common problem with the "notes" feature. And thanks, Sarah!

  6. Love this top, and I have to day like some other comments I highly recommend Evernote I use it on my iPad, and phone and am loving it!

  7. Thank you, Lori, and I just downloaded the app. No more lost pattern notes… Or addresses, or hasty directions… Or wish lists…

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