Image of my phoenix sweater being washed in a sink of sudsy water.

Test Knitting Rationale- Blogmas Day 8

It always works like this: I say, “I am so swamped right now. I cannot catch up. I’m exhausted. I cannot take on one more thing,” each phrase said in a progressively whinier voice. Then, literally seconds later, I see a call for testers on instagram and have secured a spot as one before my brain can even process what I just did. So predictable.

Image of my phoenix sweater being washed in a sink of sudsy water.

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I’ve done this at least four times this year. It was a hard year. One might call it a crappy year, but for the things I learned through the hard stuff.

Maybe that’s why I signed up to test. It’s very focused work and it’s like work “work.” There’s no guilt in telling someone, “I have to finish this test knit, sorry I can’t make it.” It’s responsible. I’m not just the crazy cat lady who knits on a Friday night. I’m a productive member of a test knitting team.

It’s also measurable proof that I can finish things I start. That means a lot right now, because this has been the year of physical set backs and tech issues. And almost everything I start leads to finding a tech problem, the fix for which creates another tech problem. Seriously, I have spent much more time on my blog than you’d ever know by reading it in 2018. All the time went into researching code and site changes and servers and photo editing that is now supported on my mac and on and on… then I tend to forget it all if I set it aside for a few days. Maddening. So, yeah, test knitting equals tangible product.

It’s also nice to work with designers I like on their stuff. The sweater above is Phoenix by Libby Jonson and I really love her style and her commitment to writing inclusive patterns. She also has the most welcoming Ravelry group. Who wouldn’t want to help with that?

Lastly, it appeals to the impatient side of me. I saw the testing call and a glimpse of the pattern and wanted to cast on right then. I didn’t have to wait a month or so like the rest of the plebes. I instantly  made me special.

See how I filled a whole blog post on this? Blogmas ideas may be running dry, folks. Honestly, I’m doubtful there’s a deeper motivation for my volunteering to knit when I can’t even find time to walk on a daily basis. Probably, the motivation is something as basic as, “Ooooh, pretty!” Works for me.

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