Moonlit Poppies- Blogmas Day 7

Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to win an instagram giveaway for this watercolor of moonlit poppies from anisantrees. Dreamy, right?

I love Anisa’s style. Take a look at her instagram feed for an idea of what that is. Watercolor trees…sigh.

If you’ve listened to almost any of my podcast episodes this last year you know I’ve been trying desperately to organize my home after a few years of intense neglect. During that time I have claimed a small room just for my craft stuff. That’s where this sweet watercolor has landed. I love the way it looks in this repurposed vintage frame. Also, check out the Brownie camera turned lamp I found in Fredericksburg. It’s fitting for a room crammed with yarn and camera paraphernalia.

Lest things look too polished, here’s a tablescape that’s a bit more characteristic of my organizational skills. It just all gets lumped together, nostalgia and sentimentality are my guiding principles. They are also the biggest hurdles to keeping things neat. I truly think if I had a larger home, like I once did, with more closet shelving/ storage it would be very neat. I know, I know, everyone thinks that and then they just collect more stuff.  But when I get an influx of things I do tend to get rid of a corresponding amount. But I started with more than a tiny home with very little storage space can hold. I don’t want more house or more stuff. I really do want to continue culling my belongings down to a comfortable amount.

Wether I accomplish this or not we may always have issues with setting things out on surfaces. Everything has to be higher than our biggest dog’s reach and then we must worry about a cat destroying it or coughing up fur balls on it… like this morning. My eyes are rolling hard into the back of my head as I type that.

Basically if all of our things could just hover in mid-air, yet out of the way, it would be a perfect scenario.

The cactus is a quick watercolor sketch my daughter gave me a couple of years ago. It’s just a little something that makes me think of her and smile when I see it. All of this watercolor has me inspired to try adding watercolor to sketches, something I’ve put off delving into until things are “settled.” The list of these things is ever-growing.

Seriously, when will settled happen? For now, I’m content to enjoy the work of friends online who paint. Other than Anisa, you guys know who you are!

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