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Mi Favorito

It is big, fuzzy, and very warm, thus it’s destined to be a favorite over baggy jeans.   This Isabell Kraemer pattern was my first Summer Sweater Knitalong entry and also my way of dealing with winter cravings.

I was excited to finally try it on today after blocking it, but once the photos were done, I peeled it off like it was on fire.  Though it is already Fall in my heart, outside it’s still 90 – something degrees.

This knit shouldn’t have worked.  I didn’t get gauge, didn’t wash my swatch, used a lighter weight yarn than required, knit a larger size to compensate for it, and hoped for the best.  There should have been way more frogging and frustration.   I’m so glad it went smoothly.  Keep in mind I did rip it back twice and puzzled over it a bit, but a certain amount of that is expected on a modified pattern.

Speaking of modifications:

My gauge was 5 sts/ 6 rows per square inch instead of the 3 1/2 sts/ 5 rows.  Thankfully, using the directions for a size 38″ worked well to give me more of a 36″.  
I did knit one extra increase round before the sleeve division and added some length because the Reverie just seemed to spring up higher and higher as I knit.   Once it was blocked, the garter did relax quite a bit.  
I discussed my garter front modification and the inspiration for it in a previous post, so I won’t get into it here.  Besides, I was really winging it.  
I’ve also posted, here, about how I picked up a bit more stitches on the sides of the front neckline and in the back than instructed and still had to block it out for the slouchy look I was going for.   It may stretch out more with wear, which is fine with me. 
I used several cords clicked together on my Denise needles to magic loop the sleeves.  It worked, but isn’t as easy as magic loop with thin cords.  It made some of the stitches a little wonky. 
Check out the asymmetric hem.  I’ve wanted to do that with a sweater for the longest.  
This was all about winter comfort.  Though the garter stitch isn’t as defined in this alpaca blend, it is the definition of coziness, so I am pleased with it.  Up next is finishing Agnes (also for the SSKAL), then I’m not sure.  Maybe socks?

Get ready for excessive linkage:

More on my Ravelry, Kollabora, and Flickr.  Previous posts on this here, here, and here.

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  1. Just hopped over from Kollabora to check out your blog. Love it! Nice aesthetics, great photography!

  2. Thanks, Nora! I'm enjoying Kollabora too. If I branch out into other crafts it will definitely be the thing that pushes me. (Actually, I'm collecting tshirt yarn for one of the crochet projects.). The layout is great and I love the way we can ask for help or suggestions so easily.

  3. Such a beautiful design, and great execution as always! It looks so cozy and perfect for Fall (I can't wait for it either)! Added the pattern to my Ravelry faves, just in case. 🙂

  4. Great sweater, another one for my queue, sigh. Love your hair! How does it feel? Whenever I've changed my hair more than an inch it always feels so strange at first.

  5. Thank you so much, your feedback is very valuable. If you have some more thoughts, wishes, dislikes, let me know. You can also email me (nora at kollabora dot com). Again, great to see at Kollabora and here 🙂

  6. Oh gosh, that looks sooooo cozy! I love it! The ease you got is perfect. I love the hair cut! You don't need lots of curls. The wave is perfect!

  7. I'm really on love with your new pullover ~ it's hard to believe that you just winged it with your mods. I may have to be a copy cat …

  8. Thank you, Emily! It is very cozy. I do the same thing- my faves list is full of just-in-case projects

  9. Thanks, Terri! It felt strange at first to be missing many inches, but I really like it. It makes me think of my hair when I was in my teens and twenties, so it's kind of fun.

  10. Thanks, Vanessa! I thought it might be bigger, but I'm satisfied with the ease. Besides, I have another sweater to finish for the KAL so I'm moving on 🙂

  11. Thanks, Evelyn! I didn't totally wing it. I got the idea from another raveler, then knit a size up to compensate for different yarn weight. Reverie doesn't seem like worsted to me. The way I joined the front for in-the-round was the only real "winging it" that I did. It was a pretty smooth experience.

  12. Beautiful! You seem to have great instincts, despite your gauge issues. I love that hem. It looks amazing on you.

  13. Thank you so much, Cassy! I am crazy about the hem too. I think I'll be doing another one like that sometime soon.

  14. This sweater is very beautiful and I'm happy that the mods didn't give you any major headache. I love the bottom shape. I'm usually not fond of assymmetric hems, but I see the point here, to protect your lower back from the cold while sitting. It looks so cozy…

  15. Thanks, Elena! I think the asymmetric hems are sort of trendy, but I still like them. They are so casual while still having a refined shape to the sweater. I just realized what my style is- refined schleppy!!

  16. I am so in love with this sweater. It is PERFECT. I have to have one for fall. Thanks for the extensive notes!

  17. Hope they're helpful to you, Stephanie. I'd love to see your take on this. Mine is a bit longer and more fitted than I'd intended but I still like it.

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