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I’m Just a Knit Machine…

… and I won’t knit for nobody but me.
You know, like the song… Love Machine… anyway..  that’s me, lately, working for nobody but me.

I am finally making Georgia by Jane Richmond.  Aren’t those little pleats the best?  This is the sort of detail I admire her work for.   I could just close my eyes and blindly point to anything on her pattern page and love it.  It’s all the kind of thing I’d wear.  So far I’ve made the Jane hat and the Oatmeal Pullover twice (One is in a horrible color that I consider a “play” sweater for when I wouldn’t want a “real” sweater to get messed up.)

Check out the Gynx faded denim sock yarn I’m using.  I love the subtle color variations.  I was concerned that the lack of shaping wouldn’t be flattering on me, but I’m two thirds of the way down the body and tried it on to find a really comfortable fit.  The true test will be the armholes.  These massive biceps of mine need extra room to swing freely.  Actually, I just spaz out if I feel constricted in any way by my clothing.  
This had been good tv knitting.  My sister slips over, here and there, to watch Downton Abbey with me as I work on it.  Yeah, I know.  I can’t help but watch it, even with Matthew’s melodramatic walking out of his wheelchair scene and O’Brien’s twisting of her mustache. 

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