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Finishing School

Finishing School, by Katie Canavan, was full of finishing techniques, yet, somehow, really fun.  And I  truly hate finishing.  Finishing causes migraines and mood swings.  But everything was just clicking along with this top.

The bind offs and whip stitches were fun when in a contrast color (Yes, I’m one of those people who respond better to pretty, shiny things.)  The front is knit, bound off, then stitches are picked up from the inside edge for the collar (it felt strange to do.) The collar is then bound off, whip stitched, then stitches are picked up from that for the back.  Sides are then seamed and the entire bottom is whip stitched.  It was really interesting construction and a total knitting pleasure.  How often does a project have no boring parts?  Even the side seam stitches lined up for me as if by magic.   This was really satisfying to watch as it took shape.

 (behold my contortionist photography skillz)

My only mistake, binding off the hem too tightly the first time, was easily corrected.

I went up one needle size when knitting the bottom hem contrasting color and made my bind offs very loose for all contrast color bind offs so that the whip stitch wouldn’t cause it to curl up or under.  I also decided not to sew my side seams up as far as the last increases/ decreases for the underarm. It looks fine and gives me a little extra room.

I worked with Knit Picks Stroll Sport in mink heather and baltic.  I don’t think I’ve used Stroll before, so I was really pleased to see that I could wash and dry this if I want.  And I want.  When I laid this out to block, it grew in length and width at the bottom, but after a quick tumble on low, it snapped right back into it’s post- wash shape.  This gives me the option of lengthening it if I want or leaving it at a length that just skims the top of my jeans.  I like options.

And for once, I got to knit on a larger needle, a whopping size five.   This would’ve been a fast knit too, if I’d not miscalculated my yarn requirements.   I think I love this collar.

Now, if only the pants I planned to wear these with weren’t ruined in the wash…
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