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Gilmore Girls Knit-a-Long

I put it off as long as I could.  I mean I watched all of my old favorites, like Firefly, Lost, anything with David Tennant, and The Closer, multiple times.  Then I did junk food tv, like Felicity, Friday Night Lights, Dead Like Me, and The IT Crowd.  I watched newish favorites, like Longmire and Orphan Black all the way through…again.  I tried new things like Blechley Circle and The Big Bang Theory.  (Wow, this list is making me sound like a sad, little couch hermit.)  I felt like the only thing left to try was Dexter and Gilmore Girls.

Why did I wait so long?  I know why.  It was all those commercials, back in the day, with Lauren Graham talking a mile a minute.  So, I gave it a try and once I got used to the speed of the script delivery, I started to love the show.  She’s a talky mom with a talky daughter.  Hey, I’m a talky mom with a talky daughter.  Her daughter ends up in college.  Hold on to your seat, but my daughter has ended up in college too.  They both have lots of inside jokes and thrive on entertaining each other with odd or inappropriate comments. Again, that’s us.  Okay, that’s where the similarities end, but it is a good show for knitting along with.   Yes, it’s an estrogen fest, but my husband stays awake during it.  Actually, I’m pretty sure he likes it.  Maybe it’s his version of junk food tv.

So, it was like fate when Shannon picked it as a theme for her Very Shannon spring KAL.  I wanted to knit Laylow, which looks right for this KAL, the yarn was burning a hole in the stash, and I was marathoning Gilmore Girls.  See, fate.  I was already screen shotting sweaters and scarves I liked while watching, so now I have an excuse to reproduce at least one of them.

So, the photo above is my first knit for the KAL, Shannon’s Laylow shawl from Seasonless.  Will I ever catch up with all of her and Jane Richmond’s lovely patterns?  At least I’m finally getting to make this and can use some Gynx Yarn Single Merino in Caramel and Berries, with Gynx’s Glitz sock in Goth Girl as the border color.  Tell me these are not the most beautiful skeins ever.

Being sick at my stomach was a bummer today, but as a silver lining, I did accomplish a lot on this shawl.  So much so, that I’ve already started planning my next Gilmore Girls knit:

a Rory Needs a Break Scarf

Again, all the planets seemed to align, for this project.  I had the obsessive screenshot on my phone, I had just faved this scarf on Ravelry, and I had all of those unicorn tails from my trip to Madtosh Crafts.  Clearly, it was my destiny.

(more on ravelry, kollabora, flickr, and instagram)

I’m sure I’ll have to add leftovers to these Unicorn Tails, to get a good scarf length, which is great because most of my interesting, indie- dyed leftovers are fingering weight.

Come, join the Gilmore Girls KAL.  Shannon released a new shawl pattern inspired by Lorelai,  aptly named Lorelai, and Nice and Knit has custom color kits just for this pattern.  You know you want to.

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  1. I am sooo tempted to join in as I, too, am hooked on TGG. In fact, I watch it with my high school daughter and we love all the similarities with our relationship. I love Shannon's Lorelai pattern … do I dare?

  2. first, Gilmore Girls is THE BEST. second, those unicorn tails, that photo! I could frame it, look at it and just be happy. this is going to be gorgeous! alright, off to watch a couple episodes 😉

  3. Dare to do it, Evelyn! I can see you and your daughter watching GG together. :). What colors would you use for your Lorelai?

  4. I love the blues … that would be stunning! I'm only on season two so we have many more hours to enjoy this show. If you haven't watched Parenthood yet, I highly recommend it. Lauren is in that show and she's great ~ I've only just recently started watching the series but I'm hooked!

  5. I loved the show when I watched it some years ago, and it's so good for knitting. I remember liking one of the cardigans Rory used to wear in colleague, and back in the day I tried to look for a similar pattern with no luck. I may start my search again!

  6. Oh, thanks for the show recommendation. I've been trying to read while knitting, but lately my projects are all too complicated for that. So I needed something new to watch.
    I can't decide which colorway choice is my fave for Lorelai, but I'm leaning more toward the blues too.

  7. I'm just now answering you here, but I've already seen your post on the cardigan. That would be a very satisfying project- bulky interesting construction! It makes me think of Wenlan Chia's designs.

  8. I'm feeling completely better and my Laylow is finished!! I love it. I've been staring at the yarn and dreaming of making it. Now Im just staring at the finished shawl. What a great way to use a couple of special skeins.

  9. So glad you're loving the Gilmore Girls! Perhaps my favorite series ever, or at least the one I have watched the greatest number of times. Love your color choices!

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