Garden Love

Poor little garden that could…

Even after a few freezes, it’s still trying.

While cleaning up the dead stuff from my fall garden, I was pleased to see the hardy herbs are good and the rest will reseed. The lettuces and greens are still going strong

and the holly hocks, sweet peas, and grapevine are rooting.

Lavender and rosemary are spreading and calendula are still sprouting up here and there.

After all the bother of “special” seeds, at least something is established!

But, as I pulled up dead woody stalks today, I knew I had to streamline my garden plan. My budgetary allotment for garden experimentation is nil, and since it looks like we won’t have a well to water a larger garden, I’m only doing what has already worked:

I’ll focus on tomatos, peppers, beans, okra, lettuce, onion, and herbs (the stuff that works here.)

I’ll set up homemade rain barrels under my gutters to offset water costs.

No wasting money on iffy heirloom tomato seeds that never made it when I can buy tomato plants from the feed store cheap.

I’m only using a little leftover corn for bean poles and character. I just don’t have space for enough corn.

I’ll try fun stuff like bee balm and chamomile again because I have the seeds – but no new fancy seeds.

And speaking of bees, they’ve been a little neglected. I’m not even ready for a real honey flow. We still have to make our extractor. Aaaah!!

It’s time for a Scarlett O Hara moment: I’ll think about it all tomorrow and just spend the rest of the day knitting.

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