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Do Not Judge the Stash

It’s a wonderfully, dreary day.  The kind where you can’t go for a run, can’t get groceries easily and so say, “Why bother?”  The kind of day where you are excused from rushing around…  perfect for reading and piddling.  I’ve been organizing my stash and planning my warm weather knitting.  If I share it with you, I may actually get it all done within this year.  Keep in mind that I didn’t go out and buy it all at once; it’s been collecting for some time, mostly on sale, and it’s ripe for de-stashing.  Do not judge the stash.

I already mentioned the shorts I’ve begun, but I have the Downton Cowl on my needles, in madelinetosh DK (lowlands colorway.)  It’s not far enough along to even have a photo.  But it will be coming along soon and I’m hoping to do the Rathtrevor Mitts, from Jane Richmond’s Island, in the same color a little later.

On the Beach striped sweater, by Isabell Kraemer, with a sort of raw collar edge I love, in Capretta:

The Harnett Tank, by Allyson Dykhuizen, in Knit Picks Stroll Tonal, one that could actually get a lot of use in my climate:

The Knickerbocker Tee, another design by Allyson, in our school colors, that I hope to finish before football season.   

I have to say that the above pattern seems so me that I got some Gynx Yarn in Catbus to combine with a tonal brown for a sockweight version in colors with less… “school spirit?”  (I can’t say that phrase without mentally adding a lisp)

Another summery knit would be the Lace Stripes Tee .  I know; I have exactly one million Allyson Dykhiuzen or Holla Knits patterns queued up.  But I can’t help it, they are that good; plus I’m a creature of habit.  So the Bamboo Ewe yarn, below, is what I would use, eventually.

Maybe I will finally get the Beulah Cardigan by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark, knit in Cascade 220:

Another one that’s not too heavy is the Serenity sweater by Sarah Fama, or another similar pattern from Rebecca Magazine, that looks like River’s square dancing-on-crack sweater from Firefly.  I’ll use Knit Picks Aloft held with some Kidsilk Haze that is ancient.  That’s knitting as archeology.

Somewhere in all of this I have to pick what I will knit in the Tops, Tanks, and Tees KAL hosted by Luvinthemommyhood.  It could be some of the things I mentioned above, which would be simpler, but it will probably be something from the upcoming Spring/Summer Holla Knits patterns.  That throws these de-stashing plans off, but just look at the link and see why.

Then, to the polar extreme, there is Aftur knit in Icelandic Istex Lett- Lopi that I can’t wait to cast on even though I know it will be itchy misery on my lap in the summertime.

 Oh, and I still really want to make Agnes in Wool of the Andes Cadet:

I still plan to make the Sexxy Librarian sweater (yes, I feel silly every time I type or say that.  I mean, I’ve got the librarian part down, but…), by Lilith Ubbelohde, in City Tweed.  I really, really love City Tweed.

There are a couple of quick accessories that may or may not go with the wool I’ve chosen:

Renfrew, another one from Island, knit in Knit Picks Swish Tonal Thunderhead colorway: 

Simcoe Headband, by Tara Lynn Morrison, in Blue Sky Bulky.  Now, I realize I haven’t experienced a day cold enough to wear this in two years, but it’s like one skein of yarn, and fast, so I’m doing it.

From the same book comes the Markham Loop Collar that I will try out of Martha Stewart Lofty Wool (ballpoint colorway) that was so cheap I had to get it.  It may be a bit “too much” for this pattern but, again, I’m doing it.  Besides I’ve never used loop stitch and it looks fun.

And last, but not least, is some Valley Yarn’s  NorthHampton for a Joji Locatelli Dragonflies Jumper.  It is destined to be.

If I can do this, I’ll be almost yarn free.  I’m not counting scraps from these projects and the acrylic  yarns from the garage.

That’s it.  Oh my gosh, I completely bored the internet to death.  But I do feel all fresh and focused.
If you really, really want more of this- Here my Rav page.

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  1. Wow, you have a lovely stash. I LOVE the Madelinetosh DK, such a gorgeous color. It's great that you already have projects figured out for your stash. Most of my stash are just somerandom skeins and balls of yarn… loads of acrylics and cotton, and only a few high quality yarns… I should really stop buying yarn without having a project in mind.

  2. wow that all sounds very ambicious. i wish you the best of luck. i am also a bit jealous of your stash. the only thing left in my stash (besides scraps) is 3 skeins of knit picks fingering that i plan on kool-aid dyeing this summer. you really make me want to go yarn shopping (sorry hubby) so i definitely wasn't a bore!

  3. i LOVE reading about other people's stash's. i wish i could keep mine uber organised. meh it will happen eventually. you have some fantastic patterns paired with your lovely yarn! i so can't wait to see it all come together! happy knitting! xo

  4. Ha! I used to do that, then I made a commitment to only buy with a project and yardage in mind, thinking it would slow the stash down. All it did was lead to bulk orders once in a while from Webs or something. You're right about the madelinetosh. It's do pretty I didn't want to touch it.

  5. Oh no, Britt! I don't want to be a bad influence :). I organized and photographed because I like looking at it( strange) but then I felt a little ashamed at how much I have hoarded away. Only 3 skeins and scraps sounds wise and a little freeing to me.

  6. You've got a lovely stash yourself, Rebecca! It's funny the things knitters discuss. If I ran a business, like you do, while being mom and wife there would be zero order. I'm looking forward to knitting with you in the upcoming knitalongs.

  7. that so didn't bore me! i get excited seeing gorgeous stash, and i drool a little. 😉 your plans are fab, too.

  8. Well thank you, Dianne! I feel the same way about seeing others' stash and hearing their project plans.

  9. It just kept going on… and on… and on! You are so ambitious! I definitely want to knit half these patterns, but I have to clear out a bit of my stash first (mostly one-skeins, nothing as exciting as your's!)

  10. I love your stash! So organized and reasonably large. 🙂 I don't know what to do for the Tops, Tanks, and Tees KAL either. I don't have any yarn for anything short-sleeved….

  11. Reasonably large… I like that. I'm going to borrow that one to tell my husband :). On the KAL I want to do the turquoise and pomagranite colored top from the spring Holla Knits. The color combo is so striking I think I'd do those exact colors for mine.

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