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I waited to cast on for my Bombshell Shorts so I could join in Project: Stash’s  Pour Moi Knitalong.   These ladies are all so lovely and I’ve wanted to get more involved with the group, so this is my chance.    After swatching for the shorts, I discovered I need size 0 needles to almost get gauge in the stitch count.  Crazy.  But I’m using super long size 1s to knit the legs with the Magic Loop technique.

All of this is to say that, though I am following directions for a small, I may get more of a medium.  I’m counting on the try on -as -you -go quality of this pattern.   I have already tried the ribbing on and ripped it back to knit more tightly.  But then I have issues with knitting ribbing.  I also have issues with tight clothes; I spazz in them.  So far, the leg opening is measuring in keeping with a medium and fits my thigh so I’m ready to dig into those cable charts.

This color is incredible.  I don’t know that the subtle shifts in color are as visible in these photos, but I’m loving working with it.  It’s BFL DK by Knits in Class and is the same yarn used for the red shorts shown on the pattern page.  Since I’m knitting a low waisted, shorter version I only needed one skein.  I will quell all thoughts of it bringing out the red in my stretch marks by focusing on it’s beauty 🙂

(more on my Ravelry , a previous post, and flickr)

So, yeah, I’m going to enjoy knitting this.  Plus, I think my family will be happy to not see these little yarn droppings from Liwen all over the house for awhile.

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  1. These are going to be very interesting. I can't wait to see them! I love the yarn droppings. 🙂 Much cuter than rabbit droppings….

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