Image of me reaching out from under a massive pile of knits that need their ends woven in.

Episode 35: #EndWeavingParty

This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast.

Song “It Will Never Be” by Durneztj used with permission:

My question for you: In a word or phrase, what do you think people most need today?

Stuff I mention in Episode 35:

my Sunset ringer Tee by Two of Wands:

Ladybat by Teresa Gregorio:

Leafy Washcloth by Meagen Goodacre:

Atelier Sarah-Jane’s Penguono by Stephen West:
Atelier Sarah-Jane:

appearing in the End Weaving Party:
1. Kia Socks by Dawn Henderson:
2. Gingerbread socks on Ravelry:
3. my Michelle Socks on Ravelry:
4. Strathcona by Tara-Lynn Morrison:
5. Birch by Pam Allen:
6. Zelda by Libby Jonson:
7. Dirty Lace by Libby Jonson:
8. Grotine by Caroline Dick:
9. Courage by Shannon Cook:
knit in Spincycle Yarns:
and Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok:
knit for Courage KAL:
10. plaid sweater on ravelry:
11. Sunset Ringer Tee:
Soldotna by Caitlin Hunter:
knit in Mockingbird Fiber Co Drops of Jupiter kit:
following mods of woollybear99’s Soldotna:

Cinnamon Socks in Regia Pairfect:

Ready Player One socks:
knit in Must Stash Yarn:

Maybe knits:
Chasing Light by Veera Välmaki:
Different Breeze by Sachiko Uemura:
Columbia by Dawn Barker:
to knit in Chasing Rabbits Fiber:
Islands in the Sun by Suzanne Sommer:
or Smock It by Stephen West:
(I like colorfulstudioC’s version on Ravelry)
to knit in Atelier Sarah Jane’s yarn:

Remembrance Day- Frally Hynes:
Venus and the Moon:

Book Recommendations: 
Indigo Girl:
Ranger’s Apprentice:
The Goldfinch:
Station Eleven:
Big Little Lies:
A Man Called Ove:
The Power of Habit:
Between the World and Me:
Hillbilly Elegy:
The All- Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion:
Moonwalking with Einstein:
Britt Marie Was Here:
Dark Matter:
The Changeling:
I Robot:
Ready Player One:
Astrophysics for People in a Hurry:

Video on news story algorithms:
One on bias and algorithms:
Ted Talk with Kevin Slaven on how algorithms shape our world:

internet info chart that I found interesting as I googled around:
Dropping servers into the ocean is news to me, maybe not you:
Please no flash photography or you’ll harm the internet:

James 1:19:

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