Aah, Summer Slavery

So, one way to involve our kids in our quest to be more responsible is to stop allowances and start JOBS. For the first time they are earning the pittance we give them. And we don’t hire unless we have the cash in hand. Their other employers include Pawpaw, Papaw (he’s offering a little help there), Grandmommy, our church, and Karrie to do odd jobs for extra money. This beats me running up a tab for allowance because I rarely carry cash. I think they’ve enjoyed having a job and I know there is a sense of accomplishment there that isn’t always present when I spring a “Could you just…for me” on them. They’ve also been slower to spend because of it.
It’s spilling over into their everyday, non-profit chores. For the first time ever, I can say, “water the plants” and know they really will water all of them. Or “sweep the floor” and know they’ll give the corners a lick. My son even thinks up jobs to do! Of course they still have to do nice things for us “just because” with no strings attached; otherwise, how else will they learn to be parents?

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