One for Me

I had to squeeze in one more for myself.  I guess I’ve being influenced by the world around me, but I’m in love with pinks, mauves, and purples these days.  My mom was a big fan of mauve when I was a girl.  

When I saw this Spanish Roof colorway from Gynx Yarns, I had to have it for a hat.  I finished my first of these in two days, so it was only natural to cast on another for myself.  I think I need a sweater to match.  Maybe an Oshima or a Palladio?

(on ravelry, kollabora, and flickr)

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  1. Lea Lacoste

    gorgeous colorway! Been hearing a lot of good things about Gynx yarn, hoping to give it a try soon!

  2. Cherry Darling

    I love that colorway, my grandma used to love mauve. It makes me think of her all the time. She had this great mauve purse and I happened to find one similar a few months ago and just had to have it. It would be great to have a hat too match.

    She Knits in Pearls

  3. Evelyn

    This may be a funny comment but that color is edible! ; )

  4. Elena Knits

    That's a lovely color! I'm all about purple this year. No idea why, but at least I'll have some matching garments 🙂

  5. MichelleCarter

    Oh yes, my mother was big on mauve! I love that I'm seeing it so much now. This hat and my mauve nail polish make me think of her.

  6. MichelleCarter

    I totally agree, Evelyn! I can't wait for dome cold weather.

  7. MichelleCarter

    Me too! Ravelry is brain washing all of us knitters. We're all in love with purples, mauves, and pinks lately. I want to make Teresa Gregorio's Drift's Ridge in a purple/ gray combo soon.

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