(Hawkeye, 365 Day 129 Photo)

I took the easy road for my 365 today: taking a picture of a camera. It’s cliche, but does anyone really ever tire of looking at vintage cameras? It was no-brainer.

I got all of these at thrift stores for under ten dollars. (My dad got the One Step Flash below at his own garage sale for 50 cents!)

Hope to get some film to try them soon and, hopefully, can re-upholster it in time for vacation. I feel a lot better lugging 50 cent cameras on perilous trails.

I paid the most for this Starflash, even though I can’t actually use it. It’s just too cute to not sit on a surface somewhere.

I wanted a camera bag for my sx 70 and bought this one (below) from a thrift store that funds missionaries

With the Instamatic and flash cubes inside, to boot. Total for everything in this post, including extra flash bulbs: $15.50.

Thrifting can become mania.

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