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The Wildest, Craziest Time Ever

We went to Fort Worth over the weekend primarily for my a memorial service in honor of my husband’s uncle, who passed away not long ago.  It was a really good tribute to him, with his children, grandchild, and friends sharing their memories of him and finding a little more comfort in one another.

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It was also our nineteenth wedding anniversary, so my husband and I decided to spend a little time relaxing together while we were away.  We hit the big highlights of the city.

First up, a romantic little meal at a small, dimly lit restaurant.  Very small… and very dimly lit… except for the glow of wrestlemania on the smallish tv screen.  We were expecting a Oompah band, but sauerkraut and wrestling was fine.  What could be more romantic?

The celebration could have just ended there, but wait!  We also managed to make it by the stockyards museum to see the world’s second longest, continuously burning lightbulb.  Over a hundred years, baby.  Now if that doesn’t teach a young couple about perseverance I don’t know what will.  It was perfect since I’d just read my husband the world’s longest, most emotional Roadside America article ever written about this bulb over dinner the night before.

I did some obligatory longhorn sitting, but don’t worry, I didn’t have all of the fun.  I made sure to make it by the Madtosh store for my husband, knowing that a trip isn’t complete without his visiting a “yawn” store.  (Okay, this store is the mother lode for knitters.  If you wanted to know where all of the DK Earl Grey was, friends, it is here.)  Please excuse blurry phone photos.

As if this weren’t treat enough, we managed to see the actual spot where Logan made his infamous run, at the city’s Water Gardens.  Are you not completely jealous?

When I first saw Logan’s Run as a girl, I remember it being the first time I ever experienced thinking something was incredibly cheesy, without knowing that word yet.  It was made way before Michael York’s Knots Landing days and it was just too much with the Love Shop and carousel cloak and leotard outfits. (Keep in mind it was the edited for tv version.)   But it was still kind of cool.  So we went and we watched the movie together, again; and yes, we are nerds.
Somewhere in the middle of all of this excitement, there was some strolling downtown, a meal at Reata (that is a real meal),

a little hike because I’m trail starved,

and a fantastic breakfast at Lucille’s Stateside Bistro.

 Two perks of a long car trip are forced knitting time and lots of time to talk.   Like I said- wild and crazy.

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