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Space Filling

Space filling is what my sister used to call the times my brother and I were little and would act extra silly and ramble on about things (“wouldn’t it be funny if… and then what if… then , next thing you know…”) just to keep her attention, but without using so much effort as to really craft a conversation.  It just got sillier and sillier.

 (365 Day 317)

The Felicity Hat is my space filler as I wait for the yarn to fix my pullover.  And this post is just ramblings to fill a slot in my blog.

I found this yarn at Ross for supa cheap and decided to make a slouchy hat in team colors for a friend to wear to football games,

then one for my daughter, then one for me.   It just kind of grows like that.
Anyway, the Queensland Merino Spray is so soft and comfy, and knits up so pretty, that I think everyone in the world deserves a hat like this.  Now, my other purple hat just looks frumpy in comparison.   I took it to a game to finish for her, but when it came time for double points I just put it away.  We were just too squished together and those fans are just too crazy for lots of sharp objects pointing every-which-a-way.

Let’s see, what else can I say… I just got rid of a migraine.  I took a pill and laid down until my cat tried to dive down between the dresser and wall, and I had to pull her out.
Basically, my mind is flitting about from subject to subject to avoid thinking about the hole where my bathroom floor used to be and all the little surprises and hitches we’ll be encountering as we remodel it this week(s.)  So, when I’m not making a purple hat, or rocking back and forth with a migraine, or making turkey dressing for Thanksgiving, I’ll be prepping the end of a copper pipe or putting up sheetrock (if my husband lets me.)  
And Grandmommy, if you’re reading this, making the dressing will not cause a migraine or worsen one. It will be fun and make me very happy 🙂

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