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Souvenirs From Our Beach

Did last minute project before I leave for Maine. I saw at tutorial on Sea glass jewelry and decided to use some of the pieces I’ve been collecting with every trip to the Gulf Coast to make a gift for my friend,Natalie. I leave to visit her this morning (yee-ha,) so I’m dumping all my pictures onto the computer. These aren’t the greatest pics, I think there is pet hair on the lens or in every single picture. ( Ah, no pretension here.) One pendant in the bottom pic is messed up, but I like the idea of it and will re-do it when I get back.

I love going to the beach. That’s all we have here in the way of nature. So, I always get a crick in my neck combing for sea beans, glass, or whole shells. A couple of years ago, I found 10 sea beans with the kids in one trip. (We’d been looking for them with no success for a long time) I spent too much time on these when I really needed to be packing. So, now I’ll go pack.

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