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Roadtrip Knits all Mapped Out

Thanks to everyone who chimed in about how to tackle all my works-in-progress!  I have a plan now.
I’ve already cleared my work space by blocking 3 knits yesterday.  Thanks to sweltering summers, they are already dry and photo ready.  But I’ll probably wait and photograph them on our upcoming camping trip because almost any natural scene beats refinery tanks as a background.

I’m going to put my yarn for Lonely Souls and Pomme de Pin up for at least a year until my body quits changing and until I can not feel annoyed with Pomme de Pin.  Poor Pomme.  I’ll love you one day.

I blocked Gingerbread and miraculously the sleeves fit at regular length now.  I didn’t even try to stretch them.  This yarn was weird.  But I’m thankful it is finished and cozy.

After the Summer Sweater KAL, I will look at undoing the bind off row on Hualpa and adding length to it.  Remember, I want a very oversized Kimono, so I blocked for width and ended up with a very wide crop top.  I’ll also pick my Fire Opal tee back up then as a tv knitting project.

Cobblestone Pullover and True Friend will wait until the end of the Summer Sweater Knit-along, or else be an added as WIP projects I throw in at the end.  No sweat on Cobblestone, I’ve already decided to defer it for next Christmas.

That leaves me with two immediate projects:  Tommy Top (photo below) which I will seam and finish tonight, most likely, and Journey (top photo).

Journey will be my road trip knit.  I only have half of the yoke and the sleeves to knit, with hours of driving ahead of me.  Man, I love road trips!  My goal is to finish it before the Summer Sweater KAL begins so I can start Heritage, also by Alina Schneider, on Cast On Day.

Oh, yeah, and my Marley shawl will go on the trip too as a backup knit because… brioche!!  There will be many evenings around the fire, with no wifi, for all of this.

So, if all goes according to plan, and if the stars align just so….  I will have only 4 WIPs when August 1 rolls around.  And by Fall that should be a respectable number like 2 or something.  Because I gotta have some tv knitting and some knitting knitting.

Oh, and here’s a cat:

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