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This has been the summer of phone pictures.  I knew finally getting an iphone, or even a phone that worked right, would be great for spur of the moment videos of the kids being goofs or at all those school events I somehow always forget to bring a fully charged camera to.  Well, now I’m ready and no lugging of things is required.  I expected all of this, but I had no idea how easily it would take over my 365.   
(new camera, day 196)

I immediately downloaded InstantCam, Hipstamatic, Camera Genius, Tiltshift Generator, and that Instagram that I’ve heard so much about then began to play.

I have a camera handy for unexpected finds,
roadside livestock,
lazy couch photos, 
heated battle shots,
 (Rummikub with Grandmommy, day 193)
for bike rides I’d never bring a big camera on,
 (day 198)

It’s perfect for quickie drivebys,
(Houston, day 209)
for reluctant subjects,
treasures found on walks,
and more livestock.
(more cow, day 214)
I’m almost caught up on my summer photos.  Yay! and whew!

So what camera apps are you using?

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