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More Sock-A-Long

It is really nice to have a smaller, more portable project in my bag these days.  I’m not much a of a sock knitter.  I’ve always had too many other things I wanted to make, but I’m collecting quite a bit of skein left-overs and socks do seem like the perfect answer to what to do with all of those bits.

These are just a self-striping yarn I forgot I had until recently when I decided I wanted to do the Sock-long on Kollabora and had to dig up some sock yarn from a box in the garage.  The stripes are detracting from the texture of the pattern, but I’m so happy to be using old stash, I don’t care.  Besides, it has a rustic look that I like.

Though my gauge is right and I’m knitting on 0s, they seem like they may be too big for me.  I’m too far in to rip out and redo them, so if they don’t fit someone will be getting socks for Chirstmas.

 Someone else is watching my progress carefully.  Sock yarn is the biggest temptation.

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  1. I love self striping yarns for socks, makes them look so much more complex than they really are! I'm impressed that you're knitting two at a time

  2. The stitches used in this pattern (alternated knitting and purls) make my gauge looser than normal, that's why my total stitch count was less than it should be. It was the only way I found to make them wearable 🙁

  3. That's true, Julie, plus socks are pretty quick knitting gratification. I don't know if I can go back to one at a time anything now. It's my newest technique obsession 🙂

  4. I wish I'd have checked that post before starting, but its okay. I have an unusually narrow foot to go with my smallish head 🙂 , but someone among my family or friends should be able to enjoy these.

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