Yeah, I hide. A lot. But it’s with my family, not from them.

It’s nice outside and the hammocks fold up around you like a taco – who wouldn’t hide from cooking supper, finishing homework, from the phone or laundry if they could do that?

(365 Day 83 Photo)

I think I was overwhelmed this last week from lots of changes in mine and other family members lives and from my own hurt feelings I’m trying hard not to nurse. I needed to get away from anything routine and just hide, breathe and listen.
Of course, Spot was sailing clear over me as he played chase in the yard. But I was alone with God, wrapped up and rocking back and forth.
Hopefully, changing slowly.

The trick is to get that sense of shelter in the middle of all the crazy stuff.
I’m going to try and keep that state of mind this weekend, because I don’t feel quite ready to emerge from my cocoon.

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