The vacancy our good old cat, Celie, left last summer has been temporarily filled. This little stray with a broken tail was meowing incessantly at the front door, so we took her in on the condition that she only stays if the dogs aren’t aggressive toward her. We’ve kept them separated and let them mix only with us holding their leashes or collars for a short time. One seems harmless, the other, we’re just not sure about.

But a couple of weeks have passed and we’ve named her, upgraded to a fancy litter box with a filter, treated her tail when the end fell off, got her first round of shots and a leukemia test, my son made her some toys, and now Spot has fallen under her spell. So, I don’t see how we could let her go now. Once a cat has slept by you, climbed your curtains, burrowed into your dirty clothes pile, undone your knitting, and, yes, even shed a part of their tail on your bedroom floor, that’s it. They are family. (I know, “ewww” about the tail.)

I think Spot is taken with her. No longer shaking in fear when he’s near her, he dances around her trying to get her to chase him, which she is all too wiling to do. They tear around the room in crazy circles, but never try to hurt one another. She was totally spent and about to fall asleep in that pic above. I think they like each other. In fact she’s sitting calmly by the door where his nose is sticking out underneath, sniffing her.

Now, if only Mo will come around, we can put out the “No Vacancy” sign, and our pack will be complete. Wait, we were going to get chickens…

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