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Not Completely

I haven’t completely disappeared from the face of the Earth.   Though I’ve let some things go for a time, like piano practice, this blog, taking photos, learning Spanish, etc I haven’t been idle.   Along with the usual garden, knitting, homemaking stuff, I’ve been considering things.  I know, why consider when you can Google, but I needed to think about what I’m living for these days.     
So, after two years of photographing my day regularly, to not be setting up a tripod for a daily photo/post feels like a luxury.  I’ve been reveling in it.   I imagine it’s the closest I could come to feeling like a celebrity that successfully dodged paparazzi.   Or like when you were a teenager and would stay in your pajamas all day in the summer, knowing that no one would knock on the door to catch you.  It’s freeing. 

So this is just me getting back into the groove of putting my mundane thoughts down along with mundane household scenes.   I like the golden tone of light that shines in my living room just before I pick my children up from school.  It’s just me and groggy animals at home to enjoy it and it’s very quiet.  It’s a good place to consider things.

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  1. I found your blog a month or two ago. It is always a gift to find another wife/mother/homemaker recording the "mundane" (! – I call them "quiet") events of her life. (I especially enjoyed your family road trip posts – long road trips are a goal for us when our children are older.) It has been a blessing to see you seek to glorify God by caring for your family and being creative in your own way. I'm glad you're writing again.

  2. Thank you, Rachel. I never really expect anyone to read these posts and am always surprised and pleased to know when they do and enjoy it. I'm amazed at all of the mothers out there blogging with whom I have much in common. I am grateful to hear from you and to know that my faith in Christ shows through in my ramblings. On a different topic, road trips are the best! We haven't planned one for this summer, but I'm getting the itch…

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