365 Blahs

I will finish posting about vacation eventually. I will also figure out how I want to change this blog template on my own. But uploading photos, learning new techniques, and organizing my thoughts is tricky while keeping up with this self-portraits project.

(365 Day 144 Photo)
And some of my shots have been so blah.

I keep finding myself thinking that if it weren’t for this 365 thing I’d be taking more of the photographs I really want to take. I’d be capturing more of my children, who will be grown all too soon, and less of me.

(365 Day 172 Photo)

But the truth is that I’d quit taking photographs of much of anything before I started 365- unless we went out of town. I saw them in my mind, but never followed through by actually hauling out the camera bag.

I wouldn’t be taking as good a picture or as quickly either. I’ve learned a lot when taking pictures, pressed for time, with food on the stove.

(365 Day 176 Photo)

This new digital camera would not be in my hands and I’d not have ventured into polaroids yet, either.

Would I still be flinching or grimacing when looking at photos of myself? Probably.

(365 Day 177 Photo)

I owe quite a bit to 365.
This is what I need to remember when my appreciation for the project wanes. There is value in the blahs.

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  1. when I did 52 weeks I found that just having the camera out I actually took more photos of other things. But I always thought that when I was done I would have more time for just "other" photos, but the truth is, it really burned me out.
    I admire anyone who is able to get through a 365 project – hang in there, you will greatly appreciate seeing these shots when it is all said and done 🙂

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