Almost There

It’s nice to see that we’re all enjoying bath time in there.
 (day 29)

The remodel is almost over.   I just had to take a picture of this before we grunge it up.  I will post before and after pics later, but I have no “befores” of it pre- demolition.  Just imagine the abyss with wallpaper and many layers of linoleum.
I did a search for cat groups on Flickr and found a “Cats in Bathtubs” group.  Is it okay if that weirds me out?  I guess it could be worse: a “Socks in Birkenstocks” group or something- oh, wait, I just saw there already is one.  Bleckkk!  Now, I really feel like I need a bath.

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  1. C. Knack

    I am still completely envious of this tub! I can't wait to see the transformation.

  2. Gail Dixon

    LOVE that pale green color on the wall. And the beadboard below is perfect.

  3. Michelle

    Thank you Candace and Gail. We have definitely taken our time finishing it, but the whole process was pretty smooth, with only a few hitches.

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