I Have Lots of Plans

(365 Day 101 Photo)

I’m going to sweep the garage.
I’m going to finish the book I’m on and read some Jane Austen.
I’m going to start Rosetta Stone Spanish again. Just 30 minutes a day.
I’m going to bake bread for sandwiches.
I’m going to practice piano.
I’m going to figure out Gimp.
I’m going to do a back walk-over.
I’m going to write some letters to relatives.
I’m going to walk my dogs after supper.
I’m going to organize my closet.
I’m going to cut out silhouettes of the kids.
I’m going to pull weeds.
I’m going to finish that sweater.
I’m going to get a nap.

Of course, I didn’t do any of it.

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  1. Susan Tuttle

    i love this photo — the way your hand is crisp in the foreground and the rest of you blurred in the background. Excellent tweaking of DOF.

  2. Michelle

    Thank you, Susan, for the comment! Though I published it, sometimes comments just evaporate on Blogger.

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